Oh hey there.

My story has been told a million times recently. Hannah and her cohorts tell it (in slightly exaggerated grittiness) every Sunday night. In fact, it seems like every other week, a new, prolific article pops up in the Times or the Wall Street Journal chronicling the directionlessness of today’s twentysomethings. Articles that, without fail, I always wish I had written myself. So without further adieu, tonight in the midst of Blizzard Nemo, I’m making my inevitable dive into the blogging world.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. My words surely won’t be that deep or provocative. After all, beside my relationships, my interests are pretty surface level: fashion, interior design, beautiful sights.

I love all things style-related so much, that I’ve even devoted my career to it. After three years as a writer and editor for the lovely and fashion-obsessed Rue La La, I left to explore an interest in interior design. Inspiring, right? Well, only until I realized – after a few expensive classes and a stint as a design assistant – that I don’t want to do interior design after all, and writing is my true passion. No worries, though. (Really? Really.) So that leaves me here. Looking for a job, hoping for some sort of career direction, and happy to be feeling inspired.

Stay tuned & keep warm!

{my Boston neighborhood turned winter wonderland}



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