Oscar Fashion: 5 Tid Bits to Know for the Water Cooler

Okay, I’m a huge sucker for awards show — a marriage of movies and fashions is right up my alley. And last night’s festivities didn’t disappoint. If you missed last night’s Academy Awards, here are the five Oscar fashion moments you need to know about.

1. Jennifer Lawrence and her backward necklace are everything. Jennifer Lawrence looked gorgeous in a pale, pale pink Dior gown. The best part? A delicate chain necklace down her back. But even better was J-Law’s stumble to get her Best Actress award, followed by a hilarious and sweet showing in the press room, proving (yet again) my girl crush is 100% warranted.

2. Jane Fonda is a freak of nature. Did you see her face? Her butt? The woman is seventy-five!

3. Helen Hunt wore H&M. And it looked good. Riding the navy wave, The Sessions actress wore a simple, strapless H&M gown (topped with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry) and praised the company’s sustainable practices.

4. Jessica Chestain is gorgeous. That’s it. Nothing more.

5. Anne Hathaway’s nips came out to party. Or did they? The 90s-esque Prada gown caused some confused stares with its pointy bodice.

Oh, and for the movies, Argo (rightfully so) took the big win. Go, Ben!

For more on Oscar fashion hits and misses, I’d recommend my go-to mean girls, The Fug Girls.


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