Do the ‘Do: A Braid Headband

Beauty Basics: Au Naturel

Okay, to be honest, I’m super boring with my hairstyles. I have straight, thin, brown hair, which six days out of seven is worn down and natural. My extent of styling is usually a sock bun or a few strategically placed bobby pins, so my ambition with this seemingly complicated hairstyle is a bit of a surprise. When I saw this model with a relaxed headband braid, I needed to try the style. It’s the perfect mix of sweet, bohemian, and sophisticated (quite the unusual combo), and it’s actually surprisingly versatile. After a few mishaps, I was able to pull off the look. The trick is to keep your hair loose and not pull the braid tightly.

1. Start with hair that’s at least one day unwashed. If you have fine hair, work in a little volumizing moose for added texture.

2. Split your hair into thirds from top to bottom (as in the opposite way you would split your hair for a normal braid). Pull back the bottom two sections and secure with a hair tie, leaving just the top third of your hair.

3. Tilt your head and pull your hair over to one side. Comb your hair with your fingers to really get the strands going in the right direction, starting at the roots.

4. If you’re starting your braid on the right side, take a small section above your right ear and begin a French braid.

5. Leaving the hair relaxed and loose, braid the top third of your hair so that it curves with the shape of your hairline.

6. When the braid reaches the other ear, curve the braid downward and toward the back middle of your head. Secure with bobby pins behind your ear at your ending point.

7. Create a messy chignon at the back your head. This should cover up the end of the braid, creating one cohesive, tousled look.

8. Spritz with hairspray and you’re good to go.

To complement the laid-back braid headband, I’d recommend a very natural makeup look with simple browns, bronzes, and blush pinks. Next on my list of hairstyles to try? The very of-the-minute fishtail braid. There are tons of tutorials online, but this one on Camille Styles looks particularly cute.


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