Bridal Shower Menu: Sweet, Savory & Plenty to Sip On

Kudos to anyone who cooks everything for a shower or party. When it comes to hosting, I’m more of the semi-homemade type myself. We put on a delicious bridal shower brunch last weekend with goodies made at home, made at our favorite local bakery, and made from good old Whole Foods.

To Drink

The Bubbly Bar: This make-your-own-mimosa bar has all the fixings for some seriously yummy sips. Whole Foods has delicious fresh-squeezed OJ, which we paired with grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, seltzer, and of course, Champagne. Want some more inspiration? Check out this rustic, outdoor bubbly bar from La Mia Vita that I found on Pinterest.
Lemonade Goes Luxe: Inspired by this basil lemonade recipe on Camille Styles, I wanted to reinterpret a classic non-alcoholic drink into something really special. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love basil and blueberries? To take it up another notch, add blueberries to the ice cubes for an added surprise.
Coffee + Tea: Make everyday coffee and tea feel more festive with vintage tea cups and gorgeous crystal. We used mismatched tea cups that my mother and grandmother have collected throughout the years — it looked beautiful and made the brunch extra special.

To Eat

Quiche: In my mind, you can’t have brunch without quiche. We bought a variety of vegetarian and meat-eaters picks from Whole Foods. Easy and delish.
The Yogurt Bar: Bright berries and creamy Greek yogurt look beautiful displayed in pretty clear bowls. Add in homemade granola (you need this recipe), and you’re good to go.
Toss Salad: A simple, fresh, crunchy toss salad makes all the savory brunch bites taste that much better.

To Indulge

Pastries, Pastries, Pastries: Boston natives, and lovers of the food network, have likely heard of Flour Bakery and all its delicious confections. We picked up an assortment of their croissants, scones, muffins, and famous sticky buns to have on hand.

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