Food Trends from a Nutritionist

Food Trending

The other night, I went to hear Julie Starr-Wood speak about food trends and nutrition, and learned lots of great healthy eating tips. Like fashion, food fads come and go. Here are her picks for healthy foods trending right now.

1. Kale. Of course. This was quite the hot topic the other night. While raw kale can be tough and cooked kale loses its nutrients, Julie recommends whipping it up in smoothies or soups to get the most out of the hearty vegetable. In soups, even though some of the nutrients leave the leafs, it seeps in the broth, so it’s not really lost.

2. Turnips.

3. Non-kale leafy greens. While kale has been on the up and up in foodie circles for a while now, the trend is looking beyond the king of greens, including bok choy, chard and dandelion greens.

4. Greek yogurt. Duh. But Julie only has eyes for Australian yogurt now (I’m going to need to give that a try).

5. Cauliflower in all colors.

6. Hummus.

7. Radishes.


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