Window Box Idea: Growing an Herb Garden

How to Grow an Herb Garden

This spring I decided growing an herb garden would be one of my summer goals. Now living in a tiny apartment in the city definitely creates some complications, but I love the idea of an herb window box–nothing too ambitious, just enough for caprese salads and mojitos.

To get started, I went to Home Depot and picked out my favorite herbs: mint, basil, cilantro and lemon thyme.

I also bought a simple wooden window box, some hook-and-eye hooks and twistable wire (though I wish I had bought some that was even more twistable!). Securing the window box was pretty simple. Since my window sits on a cement sill instead of wood sill, I had to used the hooks and wire to secure the sides of the box.

At Home Depot, I also bought potting soil and a plastic window box insert. I put everything together right inside my shoe box of an apartment, and the whole thing was super easy! If your window boxes are hard to access, I highly recommend getting one of the plastic inserts, so you can put everything together comfortably and then just plop it in place.

Window Box Herb Garden


5 thoughts on “Window Box Idea: Growing an Herb Garden

  1. Growing my own herbs, either in my kitchen or in a window box like this, is one of my goals! I just have to wait until next year, since I will be moving around too much this year to make it practical. I’m jealous. 🙂

  2. Looks wonderful Katie! Enjoy and hope all of your followers are tempted to make their own based on your easy to follow directions!

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