Ikea DIY Ideas

I’m thinking of revamping my set of super luxurious Ikea tables that I’ve had in my living room for a while. For a quick update, I’m planning to spruce ’em up with some sanding and a coat of high-gloss bright coral paint, a lot like this living room pic from Pinterest. When I was scoping out ideas, I realized there’s a ton of Ikea-revamping sites out there–more than just the trusty favorite, Ikea Hackers. Here are a few of my favorites projects for some inspiration:

Ikea Shelving DIY
{image via Arizona Foothills}

Painted Ikea bookcase DIY
{image via Bemz It’s a Cover-Up}

ikea coffee table ottoman{image via Ikea Hackers}


One thought on “Ikea DIY Ideas

  1. I love the IKEA bookshelf with the blue and white fabric in the background! Can you please tell me which IKEA bookshelf this is? and did you use risers? Thank you so much!

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