Easy Summer Appetizers: Strawberry & Nectarine Crostini

This recipe for an easy summer appetizer is a combo of two Pinterest finds I’ve been wanting to try: nectarine + burrata bites from foodiecrush and strawberry bruschetta from The Effortless Chic. It only took about 25 minutes to put together (thanks to Whole Foods pre-made crostini) and was delicious!

The best part of this appetizer recipe is that it can be prepared at home and served cold, and the fresh fruits make it bright and summery.

Crostini (I used Whole Foods’ pre-made kind, but you could make your own)
Goat cheese
Fresh strawberries
Fresh nectarines
Lemon juice
Torn basil
Balsamic vinegar


1. Mix together goat cheese and honey and spread over crostini. Pair up crostini into little sandwiches and package in a container.

2. Chop strawberries and nectarines into small pieces and package in their own containers.

3. Mix basil, a drop of honey and a big squeeze of lemon juice into each fruit container.

4. Pack up the containers, a serving platter and a bottle of balsamic vinegar and head out! Putting everything together at the party is quick and easy.


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