Browsing Brimfield Fair

This weekend, I went out to the Brimfield Antique Fair for some antiquing, inspiration-hunting and people-watching. It was fabulous. We saw everything from old wagon wheels to gorgeously distressed dressers to heirloom-worthy silver (and a good share of junk — but, hey, that’s half the fun).

Loved this chipping teal paint.

How cool would this old marquee sign look in a loft apartment?
Vintage marque sign

Holding one of my purchases: an old tool box, soon to be a new magazine holder.
Brimfield Antique Market

No big deal, just some vintage Louis Vuitton brief cases and trunks.
Vintage Louise Vuitton

A couple tips if you’re considering going to the next Brimfield fair in September. Measure your car trunk if you’re looking to buy any furniture so you’ll know your max dimensions. Bring a tape measure with you to the fair. Most dealers only don’t accept cards, so bring cash in small bills. Get ready for walking! Wear comfy shoes and a hat if it’s sunny.

More Brimfield goodness to come!


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