Boston’s Best Al Fresco

When did mid-August happen? It hit me two weeks ago that we’ll be sipping apple cider and cozying up in sweaters before we know it, so I decided to go on an all-out summer-in-the-city binge. Al fresco dining is up there with ice cream and beach time when it comes to my favorite things about summer. So in the past few weeks, we’ve eaten out (and outside) as much as possible — managing to hit all three meal time zones with a brunch, lunch and dinner al fresco — and going back to some of our favorite Boston restaurants.


My favorite meals? Snagging a table outside last Saturday night at the Beehive for the most beautiful, twinkling night in the city, and delicious seafood at Carmen’s in the North End, a teeny wine bar over in the North Square with the most charming window bar seating imaginable.

Carmen's in the North End


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