Park City Adventures

Park City is possibly the most perfect mountain town. It’s beau-ti-ful with massive mountains, lush trees and a charming downtown area, and there always seems to be something going on. When I come out here, I stay with one of best friend’s Caitlin, PR extraordinaire for the Canyons Resort.

Park City Utah Hike

She always knows the best things to do with visitors (when we came in the winter once, she took us dog sledding through the middle-of-no-where mountains — it’s up there with the coolest things I’ve ever done). So of course, Caitlin has taken us to/recommended amazing things this week. We started the trip with a wine-and-cheese picnic an outdoor soul-funk concert at the foot of one of the ski lifts at the Canyons.

Canyons Outdoor Concert

The next day, we had what Caitlin and her boyfriend dubbed “a very Park City Sunday,” with a morning hike at the Canyons and then a stop at the Park Silly Sunday market, which has everything from blood marys to homemade candles to antler chandeliers. And yesterday, for the ultimate in small-town charm, we caught the very end of the local farmer’s market:


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