Adventures in Maine

I’ve had a really busy last few weeks and have been slacking on the blog world, but I’m making an effort to to keep up! I’m in the midst of my wedding-a-thon and just got back from the most beautiful barn wedding up on the coast Maine. I don’t want to give too much away but here are some shots from the amazing weekend.


How to Make a DIY Wedding Candy Bar

For my cousin Courtney’s wedding, we put together a DIY candy bar for the end of the night with bright, festive confections. She picked up classic, vintage-y candy and large glass jars from Home Goods.

We used folded colored cardstock to make little flag to use as labels and used striped paper straws to hold them up. We found cute striped tape at Paper Source to use as borders around some of the jars to add some extra color. Courtney thinks of everything and even got little monogrammed stickers on Etsy to use on white paper bags. The project was pretty simple and came out so cute on the big day.

Wedding Candy Bar

Wedding Candy Bar

Creative Bridal Shower Gift Idea: All the Baking Necessities

This time of year is high season for all things wedding — including wedding showers. I’m all for mixing on-the-registry gifts with little extras off the registry. Lately, to make the wedding shower gifts unique and personal, I’ve been into DIY kitted gifts that you can go in on with another girlfriend, lik this Breakfast in Bed idea or this Picnic Gear idea. Here’s another one that’d be good for a friend that loves to bake.

Creative bridal shower gift: baking basics

Creative Bridal Shower Gift Idea: Everything for a Picnic

I’ve got a bridal shower coming up next weekend, so I’m on the hunt for creative wedding shower gift ideas that the bride-to-be will love (aka registry gifts) but that still feel personal. I love the idea of a kitted present, like this breakfast-in-bed gift basket. On a similar note, this picnic kit has everything the couple will need for picnic in the park, including a really cute teal Kate Spade picnic basket/wine carrier.

Bridal shower idea
And for something a bit more unexpected, here are a few ideas of non-registry gifts.

Creative Bridal Shower Gift Idea: Breakfast in Bed

It’s officially wedding season, which means it’s officially bridal shower season as well. I always go back and forth about registry gifts (you know the couple really wants them) or non-registry gifts (they feel more thoughtful). So I love the idea of kitted gifts with the main part being a registry gift, paired up with some more personal touches. Not totally expected, but still within the registry zone, this breakfast in bed basket is a creative bridal shower gift idea that’s more fun than just some pots and pans.

Bridal Shower Gift: Breakfast in Bed

I got this idea from my aunt at a recent bridal shower. Take a few registry items (a skillet and cooking utensils) and then add in the fun stuff, like gourmet pancake mix and syrup, pretty napkins and morning-friendly lingerie. Go in with a few girlfriends to make the basket even bigger.