When in Utah, Drink the Whiskey

I’m not much of a whiskey drinker. Okay, let me rephrase: I hate whiskey. But since Park City is home to the adorable and infinitely cool High West Distillery, I decided to give it a try. The charming building at the bottom of Park City’s old town was a horse stable turned private home turned distillery/bar/high-end eaterie. While my whiskey-loving friends tried many of the menu’s more daring or sophisticated options (like a classic whiskey smash and a whiskey-tequila medley), I went for their signature summer drink: a whiskey lemonade with mint leaves. And (surprisingly) I loved it!

High West Whiskey Lemonade

We ended up eating dinner at the distillery and feasted on arugula salad, short ribs, mac-and-cheese, pulled pork and the most decadent grilled donut dessert imaginable. On top of the amazing food, I have to give a shout-out to the fabulous design of the dining room — somewhat of a hipster’s heaven, it had mid-century modern metal chairs, wooden slab tables, and mason jar lighting.

High West Distillery Dining

On our second go at the distillery, I opted for one of their vodka concoctions (they distill their own vodka and peach vodka as well) and it was amazing too — but more on that later!


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